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Malibu Surfing Association

Started by Mr. Butch Linden (now a member of the Santa Barbara Surfing Club) and his friends in his parent's Malibu beach house in 1961, the MSA has had, since its founding, a love of surfing, of Mallibu, and a dedication to service. The MSA conducted 'seat-belt clinics' for its members, and distributed 'You've been helped by a member of the MSA' cards to citizens receiving he anonymous assistance of members.

Today, the MSA occupies a special place as one of California's first surfing clubs -- an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the fellowship of surfing and to the stewardship of our home break, world-famous Surfrider Beach.

In 2006, the MSA Competition Team was the winner of the Coalition of Surfing Clubs Perpetual Trophy as the best team in the CSC.

Visit MSA online at msasurfing.org.

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