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[from Keep-A-Breast / Friday, September 11, 2015]

Keep A Beast is the proud non-profit partner of the inaugural MSA Women’s Logger Invitational curated by Erin Ashley. It is our 5th year of working with the Malibu Surfing Association. We love bringing our traveling education booth out to the beach every year to educate the athletes and fans about breast cancer prevention and living a non-toxic lifestyle.

The Women's Logger: sixteen of the best women's traditional longboarders invited to share the stoke, trade waves and cheer each other whilst showcasing beauty, style, grace, and maximum shreddage within the platform of friendly competition.

he Malibu Surfing Assoc.'s MSA Classic Invitational is the United States' most prestigious club-level surfing contest and premier event in the Coalition of Surfing Clubs annual series. This invitational contest will be held at Surfrider Beach, Malibu from September 11, 2015. More than 250 invited athletes representing surfing clubs from around the world to compete at First Point, Malibu, one of the surfing’s legendary waves.

Here are the weekend details:

• contest viewing FREE and open to the public
• 13 contest age divisions: men/women, boys/girls
• specialty noseriding and women's longboard surfing events
• SurfAid, official MSA Classic Invitational charity partner
• The Keep A Breast Foundation, official Women's Logger Pro charity partner
• a sustainable-focused surfing contest

The MSA Classic Invitational is proudly supported by the following partners
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