The MSA was founded in 1961 by members with a shared love of surfing, of surfing Malibu, and commitment to public service. Original club members were among the first LA residents to host "Seat Belt Clinics" whereby members would help vehicle owners install these "new" aftermarket devices. Other good deeds often ended with the presentation of a "You have been aided by a member of the MSA"

That history and general orientation toward service continues today in such activities as: the support of the Malibu High School Surf Team, writing letters to active duty personnel in partnership with Operation Gratitude, and assisting THERAsurf and Surfers Healing adaptive surfing events at Surfrider Beach.

More often, MSA works collaboratively with organizations, agencies, and governments on issues and programs related to surfing and to the management, protection, and enjoyment of Surfrider Beach. The MSA is proud to be the only US surfing club chartered to pursue both the fellowship of surfing and the stewardship of its home break.

The MSA Classic Invitational, as the club's largest annual event, is an opportunity to raise funds for ongoing programs and to incorporate our values into event planning and production.