The Malibu Surfing Association was founded on a November day in 1961 in the playroom of Butch Linden's Malibu Colony house. A bunch of guys were sitting around drinking (soda!) and someone mentioned that they ought to start a surf club -- establishing world-wide dominance in the sport of surfing. Everyone already knew Malibu had the best surfers. Okay - so maybe that wasn't their original goal, but the end result isn't far from it.


The club was founded with 8 charter members; Butch Linden, John Ward, Jerry Whitesides, Frank Maxwell, Bob Barada, Nolan Brewe, Jim Gale and Steve Perrin. Butch served as the Club President with Bob Barada acting as VP. Meetings were held every Tuesday at the Linden home, eventually moving to the Malibu Inn in 1962.

The MSA continued to hold weekly meetings and the membership grew by leaps and bounds. By February of 1962, the club had an official charter; complete with by-laws (the original 8 were exempt from all rules and bylaws). Seeing as the founders were all "kids", they had to recruit two "adults" to act as "guardians" for checking accounts and such - Neil Cross (A Local DJ for KSURF) and Jordie Fairchild.

When queried about other "original members" the following names were also mentioned; Path Johnston (who served as President), Nolan Brewer, Johnny Fain, Don Ricther, Bob Fiegel, Phil "Cowboy" Henderson, Brian Hames and Bob Baron (the last three were not confirmed by multiple sources).


In the following two years - the club continued its growth - at one point forcing the charter members to put a cap on membership at 200. Space was limiting for the weekly meetings. At this point, the MSA was holding meetings at the Jonathan Club in Santa Monica. Of these two hundred members, there we no girls. The first female members of the MSA were Jeannie Vore (then girlfriend of Bob Barada and who went on to serve as the club's first Secretary), Jackie Tanny, and Shelley Merrick, inducted together in the same evening.

The MSA continued to thrive throughout the 60s until the close of the decade. With the rise of shortboard surfing, as well as other factors, the MSA went into a hibernation, awakening once again in 1977.

The MSA renewed itself with a dual goal: keeping the art of longboard surfing alive and celebrating the friendship of the few longboarders still committed to the sport. Under the tutelage of Mike Sprock, who acted as MSA President until perhaps 1984, the club once again started to grow and regain its prominence in the world of surfing.


from MSA member and founding President Butch Linden, 2005

Photo of some of the early members. This photo is at the end of the day following the second MSA Invitational, 1963. The first was at Zuma, 1962.

There is also a second photo of the same group standing along the railing at the (Malibu) Pier.

Back row (standing l to r): Guy Dill, John Gale, Bert Decker, Roy Seaman, Jerry Whitesides, John Shawcross, Louise Tasker

Middle row (l to r): Judy Prestidge, Phil Heath, Don Richter, Butch Linden, Kris Larronde (Butch's girlfriend at the time, not a member), Bob Barada, Annie Tasker

Front row (l to r): Sue Linden (Butch's sister, not a member), George Szigetti, Gary Seaman, Bob Marble, Jim Hoffman, Jeanie Vore and Vivian Harrison; Butch's Dave Sweet surfboard is in the foreground.