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Remembering Buzz Sutphin (1948 - 2013)

Buzz Sutphin

MSA member, Invitational Champion, and lifelong Southern California resident.

Growing up surfing Malibu in the early sixties, Buzz was a grommet honing his skills in the cove.

By 1965, he became a Surfing Champion, winning the coveted 1965 Malibu Invitational, which was regarded as an event of National acclaim at that time. Not bad for a fearless seventeen year old!

In the early seventies Buzz continued surfing and entered the business world of the Chart House Restaurant company. He became a lead manager and assisted in building and managing the successful development of new Chart House Restaurants in California and the Caribbean.

Over time, Buzz settled down in North San Diego County, married a wonderful woman, and loved his life as a family man raising two beautiful daughters. Buzz and his family were a familiar local sight, standup paddling together with his beloved golden retriever on the front of his board!

All the while, Buzz was a Master of Good Deeds, which reflected in his investment in Love and Positive thought; thus he was an inspiration to all those he ever came in contact with.

He will be missed by all who ever knew him...He taught us the Art of Living....

Buzz Sutphin, Rest In Peace...

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